April 14, 2011

Environmentally Conscious

Squeegee Prints always has a full stock of eco friendly inks and solvents. The EnviroLine® of chemicalsby CCI incorporate soy and citrus bases instead of chemicals. The great thing is that they not only are environmentally friendly, but they actually get the job done as good or better then standard screen printing chemicals! Start on a new road with eco friendly printing today!

There are many ways humanity can do their part to keep our earth as natural as possible, and Squeegee Prints is proud to be a company who can offer all organic products and garment printing. As the industry of screen printing perpetually evolves, the desire to sustain our earth has extended to the clothes we wear, which inevitably leads to how they were produced. Using 100% organic clothes, anyone can create a completely eco-friendly product. We are interested in preserving the earth we live on, and love to see our clients try new ways of being organically creative! We always reuse our boxes in which our wholesale shirts are delivered in, and then they are reused to ship out the final product to the customer. We only use cleaning solutions that are natural and/or plant derived, and never use any harsh solvents or solutions.

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