Screen Printing

Screen printing or silk screening is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. Your design or logo can be imprinted directly onto garments through this process.


Pricing is based on multiple variables. These include:

  1. Total quantity and sizes
  2. Style and color of garment
  3. Number of print locations
  4. Number of colors in the design(s)
Due to these varying factors, each order is unique and must be priced individually.

Screen Printing Services

  • Standard Screen Printing – MAX print size 12w X 15h
  • Oversized Screen Printing – MAX print size 16w X 21h
  • Plastisol Based Printing
  • Water Based Printing
  • Discharge Printing

Set Up Fee

  • $20.00 per color
Set up includes film positive, screen burning and pin point registration.

Additional Charges

    • Oversized Print | +85¢ each
    • Discharge ink | +$1.00 each
    • Flash printing | +45¢ each
    • Color Matching | +$20.00 per color
    • Ink Swap  | +$10.00 per color


Please read through our artwork requirements before submitting a quote.